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Buyi Technology Co., Ltd.(BUYI) is a modern, new and high technology company that provides quality goods and solutions to its clients over the world. Its products includes high protection class plastic boxes, such as meter boxes, distribution boxes, low-voltage and mid-voltage distribution panels, smart metering units for big power consumption users, new energy related products, such as solar street light, solar water pump, solar conjunction boxes, mold design and production, metal plate plant that support batch and custom produce the stainless steel and galvanized cold rolled box,engineering products, smart production factory setup solution and turn key projects.

BUYI has sufficient management and production team, together with its well managed supply chain, it can meet the advanced customized projects and deliver quickly. BUYI keeps innovation and developed 3 patents every year. Its technical engineers are more than ten (10) years working experience, and the factory has more than 50 well trained workers. BUYI has its own modern factory over 5,000 squares which is ISO9001 certified.

It is our goal to achieve win-win cooperation and mutual-benefit with our customers. We, BUYI, focus on now and see the future together with our business friends over the world.



Contact: Michael Li

Phone: +86 17712190302

Tel: +86 0516-81610209

Email: info@xzbuyi.cn

Add: Xinyi Hi-Tech Industry Park,Xinyi City,Jiangsu,China

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